Right to Work is Wrong for KY and IN

It’s about quality of life.

As your union, we know you work hard to build a better life for you and your family. Unions come together to fight against deceptive laws like right-to-work because we fight for our union family, just like you fight for yours.

Here’s what happens in states that pass misleadingly named right-to-work laws.

Wages are Lower

Median household income is $498 per month less in RTW states. (US Census Bureau)

Fewer Families Have Health Insurance Coverage

If you live and work in an RTW state, you are more likely to be uninsured. More children in RTW states are uninsured. (Kaiser Family Foundation)

Higher Poverty and Infant Mortality Rates

The poverty rate – including for children – is higher in RTW states. (US Census Bureau) The infant mortality rate is 14.2 percent higher in RTW States. (Kaiser Family Foundation)

Less Education

RTW states spend $3,392 less  – 31 percent less – per student on primary and secondary education. Students in RTW states are less likely to be performing at grade level in math and reading. (NEA and Corporation for Enterprised Development)

Higher Death Rates on the Job

The rate of workplace death is 54.4 percent higher in states with RTW according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Higher Unemployment

Oklahoma has seen a relative decline in jobs since it passed RTW in 2001. And Kentucky’s manufacturing sector is outpacing RTW states like Indiana. (Kentucky Center for Economic Policy)